• YOPP Open Session and 8th PPP Steering Group Meeting PPP SG-8, 27 Feb -1 Mar 2017, College Park, MD, United States, Final report
  • Verification of Environmental Prediction in Polar Regions: Recommendations for the Year of
    Polar Prediction, WMO JWGFVR Publication

  • YOPP Planning Meetings for Arctic Observations and the YOPP Modelling Component, 5-9 September, Reading, UK, Final Report

  • YOPP Southern Hemisphere meeting #1, 6 July 2016, Columbus, Ohio, USA, Final Report

  • 7th Steering Group Meeting SG-7, 22-25 May 2016, Beijing, China, Final report

  • PPP-SERA sub-committee meeting #2, 18-22 April 2016, Christchurch, New Zealand, Final report

  • Abisko Polar Prediction School, 5-15 April 2016, Absiko, Sweden, Workshop Report published in BAMS

  • 6th Steering Group Meeting SG-6, July 2015, Geneva, Final report

  • YOPP Summit, 13-15 July, Geneva, Final report

  • "Polar-Lower Latitude Linkages "Workshop Report, 10-12 December 2014, Barcelona, Spain, View early online release

  • 1st WWRP-PPP-SERA Meeting, 12-13 March 2015, Ottawa, Final report

  • 5th Steering Group Meeting SG-5, August 2014, Montréal, Final report

  • 2nd YOPP Planning Meeting, YPM-2, April 2014, Helsinki, Final report

  • 4th Steering Group Meeting SG-4, October 2013, Boulder, Final report

  • 1st YOPP Planning Meeting, YPM-1, July 2013, Reading, Final report

  • 3rd Steering Group Meeting SG-3, December 2012, Reading, Final report

  • 2nd Steering Group Meeting SG-2, March 2012, Montreal, Final report

  • 1st Steering Group Meeting SG-1, November 2011 Geneva, Final report