Steering Group Members




  • Francisco Javier Doblas-Reyes, Barcelona, Spain, f.doblas-reyes(at)
  • Christopher Fairall, Boulder, CO, USA, chris.fairall(at)
  • Marika Holland, Boulder, USA, mholland(at)
  • Trond Iversen, Norway, trond.iversen(at)
  • WMO Consultant Neil Gordon, Otaki, NZ, neil.d.gordon(at)
  • Peter Lemke, Bremerhaven, Germany, peter.lemke(at)
  • WMO Consultant Peter Chen, peterchen1974(at)
  • Stefanie Klebe, Bremen, Germany, stefanie.klebe(at)
  • Aleksander Makshtas, Russia, maksh(at)
  • Brian Mills, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, brian.mills(at)
  • Pertti Nurmi, Helsinki, Finland, pertti.nurmi(at)


  • Helge Goessling, Bremerhaven, Germany, helge.goessling(at)
  • WMO Consultant Richard Swinbank, Exeter, UK, richard.swinbank(at)
  • Kirstin Werner, Bremerhaven, Germany, kirstin.werner(at)
  • Winfried Hoke, Bremerhaven, Germany, winfried.hoke(at)
  • Katharina Kirchhoff, Bremerhaven, Germany, katharina.kirchhoff(at)

Chair of PPP Steering Group

Thomas Jung is head of the Climate Dynamics section at the Alfred Wegener Institute and full professor for physics of the climate system at the University of Bremen. His research interests encompass the analysis, modelling and prediction of weather and climate from a polar perspective. Thomas Jung is the chair of the Polar Prediction Project. He co-leads the Task Team “YOPP Data Component”. He is also strongly involved in YOPP modelling activities and the planning of the YOPP satellite component.

Mail: Thomas.Jung(at)
+49 471-4831 1761

Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Bussestraße 24
27570 Bremerhaven

PPP Steering Group

Peter Bauer is the Deputy Director of Research at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF). He is in particular interested in how to optimize observational data usage in polar areas through model improvements, data assimilation method development and with novel observations. At ECMWF, he is also in charge of the Scalability Programme that addresses the future high-performance computing and big data handling challenges for NWP. Peter Bauer leads the YOPP Satellite Task Team and is strongly involved in the Task Team on YOPP Modelling Activities.

Mail:  peter.bauer(at)
   +44 118-949 9080

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)
Shinfield Park


David Bromwich leads the Polar Meteorology Group at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. As an Antarctic and Arctic meteorologist, he joined the PPP Steering Group in particular to strengthen the Southern Hemisphere parts of the project. He plays a leading role in the Arctic System Reanalysis (ASR) and the Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System (AMPS) and is a PI of the YOPP-endorsed AWARE project. David Bromwich leads the YOPP-SH Task Team and is strongly involved with the YOPP Modelling Activities Task Team.

Mail:  bromwich.1(at)
  + 1 614-292-6692

The Ohio State University
Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center
Polar Meteorology Group
Scott Hall

1090 Carmack Road
Columbus OH, 43210

Barbara Casati is a research scientist working for Environmental and Climate Change Canada. She brings her strong expertise in forecast verification into the PPP Steering Group. In polar regions, verification poses particular challenges that will be addressed within YOPP. Barbara Casati leads the YOPP Verification Task Team and strongly contributes to the YOPP Data Component Task Team.

Mail:  barbara.casati(at)
   +1 514-421 4747

Environment and Climate Change Canada
Atmospheric Numercial Weather Prediction Research

2121, route Transcanadienne
H9P 1J3 Dorval, Quebec

Matthieu Chevallier is an expert in ocean sea ice prediction working at Météo France. He uses high-resolution coupled models to investigate the interactions between the ocean, sea ice and the atmosphere in high latitudes, and is interested in various aspects of Arctic climate predictability. Matthieu is strongly involved with the YOPP Modelling Task Team.

Mail: Matthieu.Chevallier(at)
+33 561-07 98 61

Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques, Météo France & CNRS
Climate and Large-Scale Modelling Group
42, Av. G. Coriolis
31057 Toulouse Cedex 1

As a Canada Research Chair, Jackie Dawson is a professor at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and the director of the Environment, Society and Policy Group studying the human and political dimensions of environmental change. She is strengthening the socio-economic component of PPP and YOPP being one of the leads of the PPP subcommittee on Societal and Economic Research and Applications (PPP-SERA) and the YOPP SERA Task Team.

Mail:  jackie.dawson(at)
  +1 613-562 5800

University of Ottawa
Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics

Simard Hall, room 047
60 University
K1N 6N5 Ottawa, Ontario

Jonny Day is an AXA Research Fellow at the Department of Meteorology in Reading. His research focusses on understanding and predicting climate variability and change in the polar regions, including the response of Arctic extreme weather to climate change. Jonny leads the YOPP Education task team.  

Phone: +44 118-949 9122


Shinfield Park

Robert Grumbine is a polar oceanographer working for NOAA/ National Weather Service, Environmental Modeling Center. He works on both observing and modeling of the oceans and sea ice, for both the Arctic and Antarctic. And includes inland waters like the Great Lakes in his work. In addition to the WMO PPP/YOPP project, he is the US lead for the WMO Data Quality Monitoring System Task Team.

Mail: Robert.Grumbine(at)
Phone: +1 301-683 3747

National Center for Weather and Climate Prediction

W/NP 21
5830 University Research Court
College Park, MD 20740

Jun Inoue is an Associate Professor in the Arctic Environment Research Center at the Japan National Institute of Polar Research. His research interest encompasses the interactions between air, ice and the sea in the polar oceans. He has been working on the predictability studies using radiosonde observations and data assimilation technique.

Mail:  inoue.jun(at)
  +81 425-120 647

National Institute of Polar Research
Arctic Environment Research Center

10-3, Midori-cho
Tokyo 190-8518

Jørn Kristiansen is Director of Development Centre for Weather Forecasting at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway). He is involved in the development and operational running of the high-resolution forecast model Arome-Arctic. This includes the optimization of observational data usage in polar areas, improvements in the representation of physics, as well as novel post-processing of the model output. Future work will involve investigation of dynamical and physical processes within a coupled model system. Being in charge of the web portal, Jørn has an end-to-end responsibility for the operational MET Norway weather forecasts.

Mail: jorn.kristiansen(at)
Phone: +47 22-96 3347

Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Development Centre for Weather Forecasting

Postboks 43 Blindern
0313 Oslo

Daniela Liggett is strengthening the socio-economic component of PPP and YOPP. Both are part of the PPP subcommittee on Societal and Economic Research and Applications (PPP-SERA). Daniela Liggett is a senior lecturer at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, focussing on environmental management and tourism regulation in polar environments. Together with Jackie Dawson and Machiel Lamers, Daniela Liggett leads the YOPP PPP-SERA Task Team.

Mail:  daniela.liggett(at)
   +64 3-364 2367

University of Canterbury
Gateway Antarctica

Private Bag 4800
New Zealand

Steffen M. Olsen is a lead scientist in coupled model systems and oceanography at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Regionally focussed on the North Atlantic and Arctic, his expertise includes modelling of thermohaline processes and climate predictability studies. Steffen coordinates the new Arctic Horizon 2020 program Blue-Action and is involved in several YOPP-relevant EU-FP7 projects.

Mail:  smo(at)
   +45 3-915 72 17

Danish Meteorological Institute

Lyngbyvej 100
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Donald Perovich is a sea ice geophysicist working on the interaction of sunlight with ice and snow in the Arctic system and how it relates to climate change. Donald Perovich leads the YOPP Buoy Task Team.

Mail:  donald.k.perovich(at)
  +1 603-646 42 55

Engineer Research and Development Center
Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (ERDC-CRREL)
Cryosphere and Terrestrial Sciences Branch

72 Lyme Road
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755, USA


Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College

Hannover H 03755, USA

Phil Reid works at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. He is a modeller and climate analysist investigating the variability of weather and climate features in the higher southern latitudes. 

Mail:   P.Reid(at)
   +61 3-62212033

Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology
Research and Development

GPO Box 727
Hobart Tas

Ian Renfrew investigates dynamical and physical processes with the coupled climate system. In particular, he studies Arctic and North Atlantic mesoscale dynamical and boundary-layer meteorology. Ian Renfrew is involved in the YOPP Task Team on Airborne Platforms.

Mail: i.renfrew(at)
Phone: +44 1603-592 557

University of East Anglia
School of Environmental Sciences
Norwich Research Park


Greg Smith works at Environment and Climate Change Canada on high-resolution ice-ocean modelling and forecasting. In collaboration with the Canadian Ice Service, he helps fostering the transfer of new model sea-ice forecast products into operations. Greg Smith strongly engages with the YOPP Task Teams on Verification, Satellites, and Modelling Activities.

Mail:  gregory.smith2(at)
    +1 514-421 72 92

Environment and Climate Change Canada
Meteorological Research Division

2121 route Transcanadienne
Quebec H9P1J3

Vasily Smolyanitsky is the head of the laboratory of sea ice climate manuals, at the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, in St. Petersburg, Russia. His expertise includes sea-ice and iceberg climatology, sea-ice information systems, and operational services. Vasily Smolyanitsky chairs the WMO/IOC JCOMM Expert Group on Sea Ice (ETSI) and is the national coordinator of the WMO GCW CryoNet and APRCC-network RA-II node currently under implementation.

Mail: vms(at)
Phone: +7 812 337-3149

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI)

38 Bering str., St. Petersburg
Russian Federation, 199397

Gunilla Svensson’s research interest ranges from atmospheric boundary-layer turbulence and clouds to the global scale circulation. She develops and applies numerical models for small-scale atmospheric processes and study these processes effect on the general circulation. Gunilla Svensson is involved in the YOPP Task Teams on Modelling and Education.

Mail:  gunilla(at)
   +46 8-164 337

Stockholm University
Department of Meteorology

SE-106 91 Stockholm

Mikhail Tolstykh is an expert for global numerical weather prediction models to develop medium-range and seasonal forecasts. For his research he applies numerical methods in order to investigate atmospheric motions in polar regions and globally. Mikhail Tolstykh is involved in the YOPP Task Team on Airborne Platforms.

Mail:  mtolstykh(at)
   +7 495-9848120 ext3906 or +7 495 6053672

Institute of Numerical Mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences (lead researcher) & Hydrometcentre of Russia (head of laboratory)

Gubkina street 8
Moscow 119333
Russian Federation

Qinghua Yang is a research professor at the Chinese National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center. He mainly works on the sea ice observations, data assimilation and numerical forecasting in the Arctic and Antarctic. 

Mail:   yqh1983(at)
    +86 1062173595

National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center

8 Dahuisi Road
Haidian District
100081 Beijing
PR China