PPP Societal and Economic Research and Applications (SERA)

The PPP Societal and Economic Research and Applications (SERA) subcommittee addresses the social-science and economics aspects of the Polar Prediction Project. Their research related to the needs for and the use of environmental information also includes decision-making processes by a diverse range of actors in polar regions and providers of environmental information. Furthermore, PPP-SERA team members and contributors intend to assess the communication between providers and users of polar weather and ice information. Hereby, the PPP-SERA subcommittee complements the aforementioned observation and modelling efforts of YOPP and aims at improving our understanding of user and provider needs, perspectives, values and behaviour.

News on PPP-SERA

22 Nov 2016
In the Northern Notes newsletter 46 published by the International Arctic Social Science Association IASSA,  PPP-SERA and the ICO have published a news article about the transdiciplinary research carried out by PPP-SERA during the Year of Polar Prediction. Find more about the article on YOPP and PPP-SERA in the Northern Notes issue 46 here.

21 Nov 2016
A YOPP Special Session will be held by PPP-SERA at the 9th International Congress on Arctic Social Science (ICASS IX) from June 8 - 12, 2017 in Umeå, Sweden. Participants of the session will explore the complexities of actors, information needs, information systems and infrastructures, funding structures, data management approaches, and applications of weather and sea ice prediction services in the polar regions. Read more about the YOPP Special Session under Science Workshops

PPP-SERA Co-Chairs

Jackie Dawson is Co-Chair of the PPP-SERA group and a member of the PPP Steering Group. Jackie holds a professorship at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and is the director of the Environment, Society and Policy Group studying the human and political dimensions of environmental change.

e-mail: Jackie.Dawson[at]uottawa.ca

Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP)
University of Ottawa

website: http://www.espg.ca/

Daniela Liggett is member of the PPP Steering Group and Co-Chair of the PPP-SERA sub-committee. She is a lecturer at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, focussing on environmental management and tourism regulation in polar environments.

e-mail: daniela.liggett[at]canterbury.ac.nz

Gateway Antarctica
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand

website: http://www.anta.canterbury.ac.nz/people/liggett_d.shtml