YOPP Data Portal

The YOPP Data Portal yopp.met.no is currently under development in the context of the Year of Polar Prediction. 

The YOPP Data Portal at yopp.met.no will provide metadata and links to respective data sets generated during the Year of Polar Prediction. As a legacy for YOPP, this data portal is going to take into account the various requirements of end-users working with the YOPP data collection.

As the majority of data collected during observational campaigns as well as by modelling and verification efforts will be stored at national data centres and portals, the YOPP Data Portal will be particularly developed in close collaboration with those data centres which provide sufficient interoperability and work with the so-called FAIR Guideline Principles. Following these guidelines the data will be Findable, Accessable, Interoperable, and Re-usable. YOPP-endorsed projects and programmes will play a key role for the envisaged data management activities.