You can view and search already endorsed projects, programmes, initiatives or institutions in our online endorsement system and at the YOPP Explorer.

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YOPP endorsement is also available for institutes, organisations or other groups and networks whose activities contribute to the goals of the Year of Polar Prediction.

A list of institutes, organisations, and networks which received institutional YOPP endorsement can be found here.

Read instructions and guidelines for YOPP endorsement here. In order to request YOPP endorsement, you need to register here and create a new project.

YOPP Project Endorsement

The Steering Group of the Polar Prediction Project (PPP) provides endorsement for projects, programmes and initiatives that plan to contribute to the aims of the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP), as outlined in the YOPP Implementation Plan.

Projects seeking endorsement through YOPP may be either funded or in the process of seeking funding.


Endorsement will:

  • Increase the visibility of the research activities (e.g., listing on our website);
  • Provide an international framework for your research, which can help to leverage support and funding;
  • Contribute to improving the coordination between different activities;
  • Enhance networking and communication.

Blind YOPP Endorsement

A blind YOPP endorsement is also possible. This new mechanism allows people to request YOPP endorsement for competitive projects for which a funding decision is still outstanding. As for the regular YOPP endorsement, activities that request blind endorsement will receive a YOPP endorsement letter. However, in order to treat certain activities more confidential, they will not be listed on the YOPP-endorsement page until funding is secured. Through the blind YOPP endorsement, it is also possible to preclude particular reviewers.

YOPP Institutional Endorsement

Research institutes and operational forecasting centers whose activities contribute to the success of YOPP are now invited to request institutional YOPP endorsement. Institutional endorsement differs from the hitherto available project endorsement by YOPP as it addresses general contributions to improving polar predictive skill rather than individual academic projects or programmes often sponsored through third party funding. With the institutional endorsement the PPP Steering Group provides the possibility for research consortia such as operational weather forecasting centres and academic institutions to link with the Year of Polar Prediction.

YOPP Endorsement – Guidelines and Instructions


Endorsement will be considered if:

  • Your project/institution addresses or contributes to the general YOPP objectives as outlined in the YOPP Implementation Plan;
  • Your project/institution acknowledges the importance of close coordination of all planned YOPP activities;
  • Open data sharing is an important element of the project/institution and the project/institution data relevant to YOPP will be made available in alignment with the YOPP data strategy as outlined in the YOPP Summit report (ref. YOPP Data Legacy);
  • There is agreement that a summary of the planned activities of the endorsed projects/programmes/initiatives/institutions (including their logos, if applicable) will be made public through the website of the International Coordination Office (ICO) and other appropriate means;
  • The project researchers/institutional point of contact agree to support the work of the PPP-SERA subcommittee and will be available for interviews, discussions, survey or email communication should they be contacted by PPP-SERA;
  • There is agreement that points of contact have the obligation to inform the ICO about possible changes to the project/institution.
  • There is agreement that points of contact are expected to
    • inform ICO on publications related to YOPP
    • acknowledge YOPP in future articles: 'This is a contribution to the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP), a flagship activity of the Polar Prediction Project (PPP), initiated by the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).'
    • cite the Jung et al. 2016 (BAMS) paper when applicable: Jung, T., Gordon, N.D., Bauer, P., Bromwich, D.H., Chevallier, M., Day, J.J., Dawson, J., Doblas-Reyes, F., Fairall, C., Goessling, H.F., Holland, M., Inoue, J., Iversen, T., Klebe, S., Lemke, P., Losch, M., Makshtas. A., Mills, B., Nurmi, P., Perovich, D., Reid, P., Renfrew, I.A., Smith, G., Svensson, G., Tolstykh, M., Yang, Q., 2016: Advancing Polar Prediction Capabilities on Daily to Seasonal Time Scales. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-14-00246.1

How to request YOPP endorsement

  • In order to request YOPP endorsement please register at to create an account for this site and fill out the required fields (name and email address). You will receive an email to verify your registration.
  • Once you have successfully logged in to the website, you can create a new project and choose between project or institutional endorsement.
  • Please follow the instructions and fill the requested information. Entering your information about the project also asks to include a short summary (max. 250 words) and a detailed project description (max. 1000 words) with more details on how your project/institute relates to YOPP.
  • Your request will be forwarded to members of the PPP steering group (PPP-SG) for assessment.
  • PPP-SG members will review the application and notify the ICO within 10 working days of receiving the application.
  • The ICO will notify the project leader/institutional point of contact on the decision within four working days of receiving the decision from the reviewing PPP-SG members.

In case of further questions, please contact


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