YOPP Arctic Science Workshop - Guidelines and Information for Presenters


  • Please consider the poster format is in portrait format (only!) with the size DIN A0
  • Posters will be displayed on poster boards in the lobby next to the main auditorium
  • each will be given a specific poster ID number
  • Make sure to mount your poster on the poster board with the number corresponding to the number assigned to your poster presentation (which were sent via email)
  • Magnets/pins will be available from the registration desk


  • Scientific talks during the YOPP Arctic Science Workshop are scheduled 15 minutes (12' for presentation and 3' for discussion)
  • Presentation time for keynotes is 25 minutes (20'+5' min for discussion)
  • Presentation slides can be prepared in powerpoint or pdf format
  • Please upload your presentation prior to the day of your presentation into a dedicated Dropbox folder by following this upload link (preferred), or you bring a USB stick to upload it at the registration desk
  • make sure your presentation is uploaded in the morning of the day of your presentation
  • Please include your last name in the file name. If you need to upload a revised version, please use the same file name but add „_revised“ at the end (ahead of the suffix).
  • Please consider to present your talks in an understandable, simplified way so that a non-expert community can follow easily
  • The ratio for the auditorium is 16:9, the ratio for the smaller meeting rooms is 4:3

Web Streaming

Note that we intend to stream (and record) the meeting online. All presenters, please let us know in case you do not approve streaming and/or recording of your presentation. More information about the web streaming will follow soon.