PPP and YOPP in the Media


17 June 2021 EU fördert Arktisprojekt mit 15 Millionen Euro (Innovations-Report.de; in German)

16 June 2021 EU Provides 15 Million Euros of Funding for Arctic Project (Alfred Wegener Institute press release)

20 May 2021 Arctic assessment report shows faster rate of warming (WMO, miragenews)


16 December 2020 WMO Services for Polar Waters – collaboration with the Arctic Council (WMO)

16 December 2020 AGU Scoop: Data and Impressions From MOSAiC (ARM Field Notes)

10 December 2020 https://www.polartrec.com/resources/web-link/icepod-podcastsIcePod Podcasts (POLARTREC)

06 November 2020 Scientific highlights at the Polar CORDEX meeting (Cordex.org)

07 October 2020 The podcast "The IcePod" goes live! (Arctic Portal)

11 September 2020 From European Space Agency – United Space in Europe: “MOSAiC Arctic expedition reaches North Pole” (sciencesprings)

11 September 2020 MOSAiC Arktik Keşif Gezisi – Dünyanın En Büyük ve En Uzun Kutup Araştırma Gezisi – Kuzey Kutbu’na Ulaşıyor (Bilim Portal, Turkish language)

10 September 2020 MOSAiC Arctic expedition reaches North Pole (Space Daily)

10 September 2020 MOSAiC Arctic Expedition – World’s Largest and Longest Polar Research Expedition – Reaches North Pole (FocusTechnica)

10 September 2020 MOSAiC Arctic Expedition – World’s Largest and Longest Polar Research Expedition – Reaches North Pole (SciTechDaily)

09 September 2020 MOSAiC Arctic expedition reaches North Pole (ESA Applications)

03 August 2020 El impacto de los ríos atmosféricos en la Antártica y el sur de Chile (engl. The impact of atmospheric rivers in Antarctica and southern Chile) (El Mostrador)

24 July 2020 Єдиний на Антарктичному півострові (The only one on the Antarctic Peninsula) (Expedicia.org, in Ukrainian only)

22 July 2020 Alexander Mangold Explains the Contributions of His Research to Polar Science, YOPP, and the IPCC (International Polar Foundation)

17 July 2020 Warm intrusions into the Arctic in April 2020 (ECMWF Newsletter)

08 May 2020 Tasiilami ulapaarneq (Greenlandish newspaper Sermitsiaq)

23 March 2020 Challenge and desire in Antarctic meteorology and climate (Phys.org)

01 March 2020 Derfor blir værvarselet aldri perfekt (Therefore, the weather forecast will never be perfect) (Forskning.no, in Norwegian)


16 December 2019 The new PPP Podcast: IcePod (WMO)

13 December 2019 The IcePod: A Podcast for the MOSAiC Year of Polar Prediction (APECS)

16 November 2019 På polartokt for å betre vêrvarslinga (engl.: On a Polar Boat to Improve Weather Forecast) (Framtida)

28 October 2019 Ambitious North Pole expedition will help improve weather forecasts at Yr (Norwegian Meteorological Institute, news page)

28 October 2019 One Planet, A Changing Climate (MOSAiC Monday newsletter, University of Colorado, Boulder)

23 October 2019 Model intercomparison over European Arctic shows accurate numerical weather prediction remains challenging (APPLICATE news)

18 October 2019 MOSAiC Expedition Update 18 October 2019 (PolarTrec)

15 October 2019 Remote Sensing and Buoy Simulations: Important Tools for MOSAiC (A Year in the Ice, News on MOSAiC from the University of Colorado Boulder)

29 September 2019 Plugging the ozone hole has indirectly helped Antarctic sea ice to increase (Eurek Alert)

20 September 2019 Weathering Antarctic storms -- Weather balloon data boost forecasting skill (Eurek Alert)

30 July 2019 Winter is Coming: How do we Prepare? – Communicating Avalanche Risk in Northern Norway (Alertness Project webpage, MET Norway)

23 July 2019 Polar Converges (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility, U.S. Department of Energy)

28 June 2019 Online course in fall 2019: Advancing Predictive Capability of Northern Hemisphere Weather and Climate (UArctic)

18 June 2019 Greenland’s ‘unusual’ melting sea ice captured in stunning image (BBC News)

12 April 2019 El Polar Prediction Project (PPP) se reúne en la Universidad de Magallanes (Universidad de Magallanes, in Spanish)

27 February 2019 YOPP-IASC Arctic Science Workshop (IASC News)

22 February 2019 Terrminan exitosamente las observaciones del Año de la Predicción Polar en la Antártica – Observations of the Year of Polar Prediction in Antarctica are successfully completed (Chilean Antarctic Institute – Instituto Antártico Chileno, INACH)


20 December 2018 Feldexperiment zu Wolken und Niederschlag unter Reinluftbedingungen in Südchile gestartet (in German, Informationsdienst Wissenschaft)

14 December 2018 Year of Polar Prediction in the Southern Hemisphere from Macquarie Island (Australian Antarctic Division, www.antarctica.gov.au)

16 November 2018 Special observing period begins in Antarctica (World Meteorological Organization (WMO))

16 November 2018 Antarctique : des ballons sondes pour les prévisions météo et l’étude du climat (Météo France)

16 November 2018 Watching the Antarctic to improve weather forecasting (Australian Bureau of Meteorology)

15 November 2018 The CMCC Foundation supports Year of Polar Prediction with the Italian community of PNRA (Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (CMCC))

27 September 2018 Arctic expedition finishes mission (ECNS.cn on this summer's mission onboard the Chinese research icebreaker XUELONG where the YOPP-endorsed project IAS was responsible for extra radiosoundings during YOPP's Special Observing Period SOP2)

01 September 2018 Start of YOPP's Arctic Summer Special Observing Period (WMO WWRP Newsletter)

16 August 2018 AWI Team erreicht Nordpol (Meereisportal.de, in Germany)

08 August 2018 Training Early-Career Polar Weather and Climate Researchers (by Fiona Tummon, Jonathan Day, and Gunilla Svensson for Eos)

05 July 2018 Unmanned aircraft systems for Arctic research (by James M. Patterson, Tunis Daily News)

12 June 2018 Researchers investigate the correlation between wind and wave height in the Arctic Ocean (EurekAlert!)

01 June 2018 Image of the Week – Polar Prediction School 2018 (Rebecca Frew, Jenny Turton and Clara Burgard for EGU Blogs Cryospheric Sciences)

29 May 2018 Major warming event captured in special observation period (Doris Friedrich for High North News)

25 May 2018 Polar Prediction School 2018 (The Social Metwork–PhD student blog from the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading)

16 May 2018 Polar Prediction School 2018 (APECS)

15 May 2018 Chile será parte de iniciativa mundial para estudiar el clima en Antártica (English translation: Chile will be part of global initiative to study the climate in Antarctica) (Instituto Antártico Chileno/Chilean Antarctic Institute INACH)

15 May 2018 Improving prediction and climate monitoring of polar regions – challenges and priorities (ECMWF Science Blog)

01 May 2018 Featured Expert: Thomas Jung (WMO WWRP Newsletter)

10 April 2018 Year of Polar Prediction Arctic Winter Special Observing Period Ends (WMO)

April 2018 Arctic Shipping – Break the Ice (pdf download, article by Ed Struzik in Meteorology Technology International, April 2018)
April 2018 COMNAP Open Session II: Implementation of multi-national Polar projects (Polar2018)

16 March 2018 ECMWF uses data from extra radiosondes launched in the Arctic (ECMWF)

13 March 2018 The Year of Polar Prediction in Icelandic News (The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service – Ríkisútvarpið, RÚV, from 13:04 to 15:00)

16 February 2018 YOPP Arctic Winter Special Observing Period Commences (IASC)

08 February 2018 SOP1 of Year of Polar Prediction Starts on 1st February (ABC Live)

06 February 2018 First Special Observing Period for the Year of Polar Prediction (WMO WWRP Newsletter)https://www.polarprediction.net/

05 February 2018 Atmosphere Working Group Update (IASC News Archive)

02 February 2018 YOPP Arctic Winter Special Observing Period Commences (WMO Public News)

11 January 2018 Polar Climate Change (Arctic Portal)

January 2018 First Special Observing Period for Year of Polar Prediction (WMO WWRP e-Newsletter | No. 5 | January 2018)


13 December 2017 Five priorities for weather and climate research (nature comment by Hov, Ø., Terblanche, D., Jones, S., Ruti, P.M., Tarasova, O.)

11 December 2017 The Year of Polar Prediction (SOOS news)

07 December 2017 New research on polar weather prediction and the central Arctic Ocean (Polar Research Programme, Research Council of Norway)

02 December 2017 The Year of Polar Prediction (Witness the Arctic, Fall 2017 newsletter)

08 November 2017 Arctic climate research lab granted federal funding in late reprieve (The Globe and Mail Canada)

11 October 2017 YOPP Online Conference #01 (News, www.applicate.eu)

11 September 2017 Last chance to apply for Polar Prediction School 2018 (University of the Arctic/UArctic News)

11 September 2017 OOI Southern Ocean Array (55S, 90W) provides critical weather forecast data (Ocean Observatives Initiative News, Leslie Smith)

10 September 2017 Polar Prediction School 2018 (The ENES Portal/European Network for Earth System Modelling Events)

05 September 2017 A Year on Ice – Why scientists are preparing to freeze the research vessel Polarstern in sea ice near the North Pole (about the YOPP-endorsed MOSAiC project; by Robinson Meyer for The Atlantic, October Issue)

01 September 2017 Polar Prediction Matters Launched (IASC Newsletter, September 2017)

24 July 2017 Q&A with Polar Modeler Bob Grumbine (US National Weather Service website; Bob Grumbine recently joined the PPP Steering Group)

19 July 2017 Arktische Hitzewellen – Ein Expertenbeitrag von Prof. Dr. Manfred Wendisch (in German, www.wissenschaftsjahr.de; Manfred Wendisch from University Leipzig, Germany, is the lead of the YOPP-endorsed project (AC)3)

10 July 2017 Year of polar prediction (Environment and Climate Change Canada)

06 July 2017 Polar Prediction School 2018, Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (Sep. 15) (EnvironmentGuru)

27 June 2017 Das Wolkenrätsel der Arktis. Klima-Mission auf Spitzbergen (tagesthemen 23:07 Uhr, 27.06.2017, Christian Stichler, ARD Stockholm, in German)

15 June 2017 With ARM Instruments Watching, an Extensive Summer Melt in West Antarctica (ARM Climate Research Facility website on the YOPP-endorsed project AWARE co-led by PPP Steering Group member David Bromwich)

06 June 2017 ECMWF generating dataset for Year of Polar Prediction (Arctic Portal)

+++Launch of YOPP+++

02 June 2017 Arctic Clouds May Help Lock in Warmer Weather (Overview on YOPP and the YOPP-endorsed project Arctic Amplification by Gloria Dickie for Arctic Deeply)

16 May 2017 Launch of Year of Polar Prediction (UN TV/Peschken Presents)

15 May 2017 Climate researchers are pursuing better ice and weather predictions for improved safety in the Arctic and Antarctic (The Arctic Journal)

+++For more media items on the launch of the Year of Polar Prediction see here.+++

10 May 2017 Weather, climate and water challenges in spotlight at annual session of UN weather agency council (UN News Centre)

10 May 2017 WMO Executive Council addresses challenges from weather, climate and water (reliefweb)

09 May 2017 Launch Event – The Year of Polar Prediction: Driving Innovation Together (WMO Website)

18 April 2017 SALIENSEAS: A Netherlands-led contribution during the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) (Wageningen University & Research)

01 April 2017 Klima-Forscher treffen sich in Brhv part I and part II (Radio interview (audio) with COSMO with Helge Goessling, Director of  Polar Prediction coordination office, in German)

30 March 2017 Leipziger Wolkenforscher auf Expedition Arktis (MDR Wissen, PI Manfred Wendisch about YOPP-endorsed project Arctic Amplification)

27 March 2017 Internationale Meereis-Forschungselite berät im Deutschen Schiffahrtsmuseum Bremerhaven (interview with ICO director Helge Goessling; in German; Meereisportal)

26 March 2017 Kröten, schottische Musik und Meereis (in German; Radio Bremen 1)

12 March 2017 WMO verifies highest temperatures for Antarctic (Business Mirror)

10 March 2017 Internationale Meereis-Forschungselite berät im Deutschen Schiffahrtsmuseum (in German; Informationsdienst Wissenschaft AWI press release)

08 March 2017 How Arctic Weather Can Improve Mid-Latitude Forecasts (Arctic Deeply quoting PPP Steering Group member Jun Inoue)

02 March2017 UN agency announces record highs on Antarctica as scientists push for more data (The CS Monitor)

20 February 2017 The Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (MOSAiC) project endorsed by YOPP (The Guardian, BBC News, The Telegraph)

24 January 2017 Planned Observing Periods for the Year of Polar Prediction (Article on www.wcrp-climate.org)

03 January 2017 Nutzer im Fokus von polaren Wetter- und Meereisvorhersagen (in German; Article on the Helmholtz Association's Earth System Knowledge Platform www.ESKP.de)


21 November 2016 Understanding user needs to improve weather and environmental forecasts in the polar regions (Article in the Northern Notes issue 46, Autumn/Winter 2016)

31 October 2016 THORPEX Legacies and the Future of the World Weather Research Program (WWRP) (Guest Editorial by David Parsons, former Chief of WWRP in the WWRP Newsletter October 2016)

31 October 2016 Year of Polar Prediction Southern Hemisphere Efforts in PolarPredictNews (SCAR 2016 News)

20 October 2016 The Arctic Portal highlights new developments and planning within the Year of Polar Prediction

30 September 2016 WMO WWRP Chief Paolo Ruti interviewed by ECMWF

28 September 2016 Press release by German Ministry for Education and Research about the German contribution to the first-ever Arctic Science Minsterial hosted by the United States' White House (in German)

28 September 2016 Fact Sheet released by The White House United States Hosts First-Ever Arctic Science Ministerial to Advance International Research Efforts

16 September 2016 Planning for the Year of Polar Prediction (WMO)

30 August 2016 New version of the Year of Polar Prediction Implementation Plan released (SCAR 2016 News)

22 August 2016 Halls of Higher Learning (by Kira Coley, Marine Technology)

05 May 2016 NWS Alaska Region participates in WMO PPP-SERA meeting to address polar challenges (NWS Insider, NOAA/NWS Intranet; no free access)

08 January 2016 Optimized Arctic observations for improving weather forecast in the northern sea route (Public Release at Eurekalert)


20 July 2015 WMO: Schmelzende Polarkappen (in German; N21)

16 July 2015 UN-backed action plan to improve study of weather and climate in Polar regions takes shape