YOPP Task Team on Communication, Outreach and Education


The PPP Communication, Outreach and Education Task Team keeps the YOPP community, including stakeholders, engaged and informed about ongoing and upcoming activities, research findings and data sets resulting from the various activities within YOPP and PPP. The Communication, Outreach and Education team provides a number of communication platforms and channels (e.g., internal communication, website, newsletters, social media) to disseminate information among the YOPP community and beyond.

The Task Team also plans and implements a strong education component centred around the key goals of YOPP, with the aim to facilitate access to opportunities for young researchers and create a knowledge legacy.


In particular, the PPP Task Team on Communication, Outreach and Education aims to:

•    Keep the YOPP community engaged in and informed about current/ongoing activities, research results and data sets;

•    Communicate YOPP results and key activities to the broader (non-)scientific community and showcase success stories to the public;

•    Promote YOPP findings including scientific presentations and the use of DOI for data sets and publications by YOPP-endorsed projects; 

•    Promote the presence of YOPP/PPP at major workshops and conferences;

•    Maintain a strong education component to train the next generation of polar scientists and keep them engaged and educated in polar prediction research topics;

•    Build a legacy of continued networking activities and engagement among the community of polar researchers.

Members and Contact

Kirstin Werner (Director of ICO and lead of Task Team) e-mail: kirstin.werner(at)awi.de 

Clare Eyars (Education) e-mail: clare.eayrs@nyu.edu

Sara Pasqualetto e-mail: sara.pasqualetto(at)awi.de

Katharina Kirchhoff e-mail: katharina.kirchhoff(at)awi.de

Rick Thoman (PPP-SERA) email: rthoman@alaska.edu