Getting Involved with the Year of Polar Prediction

Scientific Involvement


Join a Task Team

Task Teams for various activities during the Year of Polar Prediction have been formed. Read more about YOPP Task Teams at In order to get engaged in one of the Task Teams, please contact the ICO at

Request YOPP Endorsement

Projects, programmes, and initiatives contributing to the aims of the Year of Polar Prediction are invited to request endorsement by YOPP. Learn more about YOPP Endorsement at

Benefit from YOPP-related modelling datasets (and/or contribute yours)

Near-real time forecast data to be used during the YOPP Core Phase:

"YOPP Dataset" by ECMWF: analyses & deterministic forecasts; 9 km resolution; extra variables;

little delay (at request <1d); starting mid-'17

• GOV sea-ice forecasts (short-term) by multiple centres; already running; availability to be discussed

Reanalyses and other non-real-time data:

• "YOPP Reanalysis" by ECMWF; extension of "CERA-SAT"; (weakly) coupled DA; atmos 65 km 137lev,

ocean ¼° 75lev; 10 ens. members

• Arctic System Reanalysis v3; Polar WRF; 5 km resolution, lowest level at 2 m; lateral forcing by ERA5

• CBHAR: high-resolution reanalysis for the Pacific Arctic

• Sea-ice ocean reanalyses (PORA-IP); S2S; TIGGE; Drift Forecasts.

Take part in the YOPP observational component

Before and during the YOPP Core Phase:

• Share your field plans with us (ideally via YOPP endorsement) to generate opportunities

• Submit your research data, where applicable and possible, to the GTS

• Take extra observations that help "filling the gap", in particular during Special Observing Periods incl. radiosondes, AWS, buoys, drifters, airborne platforms etc.

During and after the YOPP Core Phase:

• Make your data accessible through the YOPP Data Portal

• Use other YOPP data for your research.

Submit data in real-time

If you need assistance to submit your data into the WIS GTS, please get into contact with the ICO so we connect you with an WIS/GTS expert.

Networking and Communicating

Stay up-to-date with Polar Prediction

Our website at makes available up-to-date information about YOPP and PPP, including news, meeting announcements and reports, and official documents such as the YOPP and PPP Implementation Plans.

Email us

Connect with the International Coordination Office for Polar Prediction for any ideas, collaboration and various other input at Also, please inform the ICO if you are aware of any information that may be relevant to PPP/YOPP yet not posted on

Read the PolarPredictNews

Since 2016, the ICO releases the newsletter PolarPredictNews. Read the news online at and connect with the ICO for feedback or contributions to the newsletter at

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Find out what others write about the Year of Polar Prediction

At we have listed newspaper and online media articles about the Year of Polar Prediction.

Meet the community

On and via the mailing list, we announce in due time any meetings such as workshops, conferences or summer schools relevant to the polar prediction community.

Find us on Twitter or Instagram

The ICO (@polarprediction) is active on Twitter and Instagram informing about ongoing #polarpredict activities under and