YOPP Task Teams

Polar prediction involves many different research disciplines such as observations from airborne platforms and from the ocean’s and land’s surface, numerical modelling and verification, as well as societal topics involving various groups of stakeholders.

For each theme, dedicated YOPP task teams listed below have been formed in order to enhance particular activities during the Year of Polar Prediction.

Task Team


Key deliverables


Airborne platforms

Coordinate airborne platforms during YOPP

Concept for YOPP airborne platforms

Manfred Wendisch (AC3; m.wendisch@uni-leipzig.de)

Mikhail Tolstykh (PPP SG), Ian Renfrew (PPP SG), Helge Goessling (ICO), Chawn Harlow (FAAM)


Develop a strong buoy component to be in place in particular for the SOPs (Arctic: Feb/Mar 2018 and Jul/Aug/Sep 2018; Antarctic: 16Nov2018–15Feb2019)

YOPP buoy plan

Don Perovich (PPP SG; Donald.K.Perovich@erdc.dren.mil), Helge Goessling (ICO, helge.goessling@awi.de)

Bin Cheng (FMI), Pablo Clemente-Colon (NIC/IABP/PSTG/IICWG), Hartmut Heinrich (BSH), Mario Hoppmann (AWI), Birgit Klein (BSH), Marcel Nicolaus (AWI), Paul Pestieau (ECCC), Paul Poli (E-SURFMAR), Christine Provost (IAOOS), Ignatius Rigor (IABP), Vasily Smolyanitsky (AARI), Lovro Valcic (SAMS), Jeremy Wilkinson (BAS)

YOPP Modelling

Coordinate modelling activities among "operational centres". Modelling activities that cover the whole YOPP Core Phase, Experiments that provide guidance for the development of the observing system

Contribution to YOPP Modelling Plan, Input to YOPP Timeline Chart

Richard Swinbank (ICO; richard.swinbank@me.com)

Thomas Jung (PPP Chair), Peter Bauer (PPP SG), David Bromwich (PPP SG), Matthieu Chevallier (PPP SG), Greg Smith (PPP SG), Gunilla Svensson (PPP SG)

YOPP Data Portal

Develop a YOPP data concept

Development of a YOPP Data Portal, overview of user requirements, interoperability guidelines, operations manual

Thomas Jung (PPP Chair, Thomas.Jung@awi.de), Øystein Godøy (Met Norway, oystein.godoy@met.no), Siri Jodha Khalsa (NSIDC, sjsk@nsidc.org)

Richard Swinbank (ICO), Kirstin Werner (ICO), Barbara Casati (PPP SG), Manuel Fuentes (ECMWF), Machiel Lamers (PPP-SERA), Torill Hamre (INTAROS/NERSC), Hironori Yabuki (NIPR)


Enhance education component during YOPP

2nd PPP Summer School

Jonathan Day (PPP SG; jonathan.day@ecmwf.int)

Gunilla Svensson (PPP SG), Kirstin Werner (ICO), Gerlis Fugmann (APECS)


Develop a strong YOPP SERA component


Daniela Liggett (PPP SG; daniela.liggett@canterbury.ac.nz), Jackie Dawson (PPP SG; Jackie.Dawson@uottawa.ca), Machiel Lamers (machiel.lamers@wur.nl)

Brian Mills, Rick Thoman, Emma Stewart, Gita Ljubicic, Maaike Knol, Winfried Hoke (ICO), Kirstin Werner (ICO)


Ensure strong engagement of the satellite community

Establish a list of user requirements and iterate with PSTG, PSTG will provide links to relevant data products, PSTG will consider providing dedicated data sets not available yet

Peter Bauer (PPP SG; peter.bauer@ecmwf.int)

Paolo Ruti (WMO), Thomas Jung (PPP Chair), Greg Smith (PPP SG), Matthieu Chevallier (PPP SG), Pablo Clemente-Colon (NIC/IABP/PSTG/IICWG), Katharina Kirchhoff (ICO)

Southern Hemisphere

Coordination of Southern Ocean observations and modelling activities


David Bromwich (PPP SG; bromwich.1@osu.edu)

Kirstin Werner (ICO), YOPP-SH group

Special Observing Periods

Plan Special Observing Periods during YOPP, engage relevant agencies

Letters to WMO Permanent Representatives, letters to relevant institutions, letter to EUMETNET

Paolo Ruti (WMO; pruti@wmo.int)

Thomas Jung, Kirstin Werner (ICO), Jun Inoue, Alexander Makshtas (PPP Steering Group)

YOPP Verification

Outlining a YOPP verification strategy, and develop and support a YOPP verification effort

YOPP Verification plan

Barbara Casati (PPP SG; barbara.casati@canada.ca)

Greg Smith (PPP Steering Group), Helge Goessling (ICO), Thomas Haiden (ECMWF), Stella Melo (ECCC), Eugene Petrescu (NOAA), Gunilla Svensson (Univ. Stockholm), Taneil Uttal (NOAA), Jonathan Day (ECMWF), Matthew Shupe (NOAA/MOSAiC), Morten Andreas Ødegaard Køltzow (MET Norway)