Polar Prediction Workshop 2017: Guidelines and Information for Presenters


Please consider the poster format is in portrait format with 80 cm in width and 100 cm in height (slightly less than DIN A0). Posters will be displayed on poster boards in the temporary exhibition hall (in German Sonderausstellungsraum); each will be given a specific poster ID number. You can start to set up your poster in the first health break on Monday at 2.30 pm. Make sure to mount your poster on the poster board with the number corresponding to the number assigned to your poster presentation (which were sent via email). Magnets will be available from the registration desk for hanging up the posters on magnet poster boards.
All poster presenters have the opportunity to advertise their poster briefly in a 1-minute presentation on Tuesday afternoon ahead of the poster session. If you send us a single (non-animated, PDF-format, <10MB) slide, that slide will be displayed during your slot. If we receive no slide, the ID number and title of your poster will be displayed. Please send your slide to helge.goessling@awi.de by Tuesday noon, March 28th.


Scientific talks during the Polar Prediction Workshop are scheduled 15 minutes (10' for presentation and 5' for discussion). Presentation time for keynotes is 30 minutes (20'+10' min for discussion). Presentation slides can be prepared in powerpoint or pdf format. Please upload your presentation prior to the day of your presentation into a dedicated Dropbox folder by following this upload link (preferred), or you bring a USB stick to upload it at the registration desk. Make sure your presentation is uploaded in the morning of the day of your presentation. Please include your last name in the file name. If you need to upload a revised version, please use the same file name but add „_revised“ at the end (ahead of the suffix).

Web Streaming

Note that we intend to stream (and record) the meeting online. All presenters, please let us know in case you do not approve streaming and/or recording of your presentation.