1. The Polar Prediction Project (PPP) International Coordination Office (ICO) is established in response to Resolution 17 of the sixty-fourth session of the WMO Executive Council.
  2. The primary function of the ICO is to provide support to planning and implementation of PPP priorities, to ensure appropriate international coordination between the PPP participating Members and collaboration with related WMO programmes and other international programmes.
  3. The ICO consists of qualified professional(s) and support staff. Subject to the overall policy directives of the Secretary-General of WMO and in consultation with the Director of the ARE Branch, the ICO works in close cooperation with the WMO Secretariat. The ICO is located at Bremerhaven, Germany.
  4. The ICO may be supported by the WMO Member countries through secondment of experts and/or cash contributions to the PPP Trust Fund.
  5. The ICO has the following responsibilities:

  • To support and coordinate planning and implementation of PPP activities;
  • To provide scientific, technical and secretarial support to the PPP Steering Group (PPP-SG);
  • To assist in cooperation between the PPP and appropriate Working Groups and Expert Teams within WWRP, WCRP, CAS, CBS and other partners’ relevant activities, and in particular with the WCRP Polar Climate Predictability Initiative;
  • To ensure progress in delivering the Global Integrated Polar Prediction System (GIPPS);
  • To assist in the organization of appropriate meetings, conferences and other activities relevant to PPP;
  • To prepare reports, correspondence and publications;
  • To manage the PPP website and data base;
  • To assist in fund raising and recruiting secondments to join the ICO.


Dr. Kirstin Werner (Director)

Phone: +49-471-4831 1588