YOPP Evaluation Task Team


To develop criteria, processes and statistics during the YOPP Consolidation Phase that could be used in the subsequent PPP and YOPP evaluation.


For PPP-SG#12 in 2021

  • Develop a PPP/YOPP evaluation roadmap identifying key stakeholders and their reporting requirements during and following PPP. (include Thomas Mindmap from the session)
  • To engage with key donors / stakeholders to identify any particular evaluation requirements
  • Develop recommendations for WWRP-SC and donors on who and how PPP/YOPP could be evaluated after 2022.
  • To develop, and where possible test, a small sample of indicators that could be used as PPP evaluation criteria
  • To provide outlines of documents and graphics that could contribute to the PPP evaluation and form part of the PPP Legacy

Prior to the YOPP Final Summit

  • Refine the evaluation criteria and develop appropriate statistics and data for reporting purposes and use during the YOPP Final Summit

In the second half of 2022

  • Contribute to the financial evaluation of YOPP lead by WMO Secretariat

Members and Contact


  • Thomas Jung, PPP SG, Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI)
  • Nanette Lomarda, World Meteorological Institute (WMO)
  • Kirstin Werner, ICO, Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI)
  • Jeffrey Wilson, AWI Consultant
  • PPP-SERA representative
  • Stakeholder representative


Thomas Jung, PPP SG, Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI)