YOPP Final Summit Task Team


To use the YOPP Final Summit to showcase the successes of YOPP, contribute to the YOPP Legacy and bring together the YOPP community: academia; operational centres; and, users of environment services.



  • Engage high-quality speakers covering the breadth of PPP and YOPP

  • Showcase the successes of YOPP
  • Help launch any follow-on program or activities
  • Recognise the contributions of donors and key stakeholders

Members and Contact


  • Thomas Jung (PPP SG, AWI)
  • Kirstin Werner (ICO, AWI)
  • Barbara Casati (PPP SG, ECCC)
  • Nanette Lomarda (WMO)
  • Irina Sandu (PPP SG, ECMWF)
  • Matthew Shupe (liaison with MOSAiC)
  • Greg Smith (ECCC)
  • Wenchao Cao (WMO)
  • Clare Eayrs (NYU Abu Dhabi)


Thomas Jung (PPP SG, AWI)