YOPP Final Summit Task Team


To plan a YOPP Final Summit to provide a forum for presenting and discussing the major YOPP outcomes, showcase the success stories of YOPP, as well as to define research areas which need further investigation beyond YOPP. Furthermore, the YOPP Summit will contribute to developing the YOPP Legacy; it will bring together key players in the YOPP community: academia, research institutions, operational centres as well as end-users of environmental services.


  • Engage the scientific community covering the breadth of PPP and YOPP
  • Showcase the success of YOPP
  • Help launch any follow-on program or activities.
  • Recognise the contributions of donors and key stakeholders
  • Contribute to the YOPP Legacy

Members and Contact


  • Thomas Jung (PPP SG, AWI)
  • Kirstin Werner (ICO, AWI)
  • Gregory Smith (PPP SG, ECCC)
  • Barbara Casati (PPP SG, ECCC)
  • Paolo Ruti (WMO)
  • Nanette Lomarda (WMO)
  • Irina Sandu (PPP SG, ECMWF)


Thomas Jung (PPP SG, AWI)