Polar Prediction Project Societal and Economic Research Application (PPP-SERA)


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The PPP Societal and Economic Research and Applications (SERA) subcommittee addresses the social-science and economics aspects of the Polar Prediction Project. Their research related to the needs for and the use of environmental information also includes decision-making processes by a diverse range of actors in polar regions and providers of environmental information. Furthermore, PPP-SERA team members and contributors intend to assess the communication between providers and users of polar weather and ice information. Hereby, the PPP-SERA subcommittee complements the aforementioned observation and modelling efforts of YOPP and aims at improving our understanding of user and provider needs, perspectives, values and behaviour.


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PPP-SERA Mailing List

To facilitate communication within the PPP-SEAR community, a mailing list has been set up. News that are relevant to the PPP-SERA community will be spread via ppp-sera-community@lists.swrepo1.awi.de. To subscribe/unsubscribe, please send an e-mail to