Development of Integrated Observation/Model Data Files

It is important to facilitate intercomparison of observations from densely instrumented observation sites with the high frequency output in the immediate area around each of the identified supersites. This work is organized within the YOPP Supersite Model Intercomparison Project (YOPPsiteMIP). The intercomparison concept is based on developing a well-defined file format and compatible semantics applicable across models and observations: Merged Model Data Files (MMDFs) and Merged Observatory Data Files (MODF). In recognition of the complexity of this task for both observers and modelers, not only will a scheme be developed defining formatting requirements, but work is ongoing under the direction of the YOPP Data Task Team on developing an open source community Python toolbox to expedite the creation of these (NetCDF) files. For each supersite and model, it will be necessary to identify and support representatives to apply the toolbox (and likely support development) to create MODF/MMDFs from each unique assemblage of data sets.

A MMDF/MMDF workshop is planned for August/September 2020 in Boulder, Colorado, US to bring together Observatory and Model specialists to utilize the toolkit to create a foundational, interoperable dataset. It will not only support the aligned MOSAiC and YOPP research activities, but will also result in a detailed legacy dataset that will constitute a one-year snap-shot of the Arctic environment. Thus, this activity goes beyond just archival and accessibility. The intent will be to accelerate research, understanding and resulting services for the rapidly and perhaps catastrophically changing Arctic region.