YOPP Task Team on Sea Ice Prediction and Verification


To promote and facilitate research and developments leading to better sea-ice forecasts, which, through the coupling with the atmosphere and ocean, is expected to enable better forecasts in polar regions (and beyond) more generally.


  1. Foster collaboration between climate and short-to-medium range ice forecasting groups, and between ocean/ice modelling (e.g. FAMOS, CLIVAR) and operational (GOV, IICWG) groups, to advance understanding of sea-ice predictability, data assimilation, modelling, and verification methods across timescales.

  2. Enhance communication between user groups (ice services, marine operations) and research communities to identify specific needs and provide more targeted products. This is a joint effort with the YOPP SERA Task Team.
  3. Help coordinate the development of improved sea-ice verification methods and their standardization across the ice forecast communities to facilitate the comparison of products and to provide a clearer understanding of forecast quality by user groups. This is a joint effort with the YOPP Verification Task Team.
  4. Raise awareness and promote use of YOPP and related data sets that merit more analyses by the sea ice community.

The Sea Ice Task Team coordinates and/or supports a number of key projects that contribute to the above goals. Here, the definition of “project” is very loose and can range from just the formation of interest/discussion groups that keeps each other up to date, to broad and work-intensive projects. A description of these projects can be found here.

Members and Contact


Former Members


Helge Goessling, ICO, Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI)
Amy Solomon, CIRES, University of Colorado & ESRL/NOAA