YOPP Southern Hemisphere Task Team


Foster YOPP planning and activities for the Southern Hemisphere.


  • Plan and implement the first Targeted Observing Period for the Southern Hemisphere
  • Plan and run a half day session at the YOPP Final Summit that showcases results from SOP1-SH including OSE’s and verification
  • Using WAMC develop a tentative publication list for the next five years
  • Contribute to the discussions about possible PPP/YOPP follow project(s)

Members and Contact


  • Eric Bazile, Météo France
  • David Bromwich, PPP SG, Ohio State University
  • Scott Carpentier, Australian Bureau of Meteorology
  • Steve Colwell, British Antarctic Survey
  • Irina Gorodetskaya, University Aveiro, Portugal
  • Naohiko Hirasawa, National Institute of Polar Research, Japan
  • Matthew Lazzara, Space Science and Engineering Center, USA
  • François Massonnet, UCL, Belgium
  • Sang-Jong Park, KOPRI, Korea
  • Jordan Powers, NCAR, USA
  • Vito Vitale, CNR-ISP, Italy
  • Kirstin Werner, ICO, Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI)


David Bromwich, PPP SG, Ohio State University


  • Report on the second YOPP-SH Meeting (YOPP-SH2): pdf
  • Report on the first YOPP-SH Meeting (YOPP-SH1): pdf

YOPP-SH Mailing List

To facilitate communication within the YOPP-SH community, a mailing list has been set up. News that are relevant to the YOPP-SH community will be spread via yopp-sh-taskteam@listserv.dfn.de. To subscribe/unsubscribe, please send an e-mail to office@polarprediction.net.