YOPP Issue Tracker

Issues due to data acquisition or transmission may appear during polar operations. Here, we report on known issues that in particular were noted during YOPP Special Observing Periods.

Please report any additional issues to office@polarprediction.net


August 2018

  • Data from buoys north of Canada were not ingested because BUFR codes were changed on 1 August 2018. ECMWF has retrieved the observational data from 1 to 17 August.
  • For radiosondes released near the pole (e.g., from Oden 2018 expedition), the v component of wind changes sign quickly which can cause problems. ECMWF takes into account the change in dropsonde position at 25 min intervals so these does not cause any problem in the operational analysis.

Use the following links to check yourself if certain data has been ingested: