YOPP Task Teams

Polar prediction involves many different research disciplines such as observations from airborne platforms and from the ocean’s and land’s surface, numerical modelling and verification, as well as societal topics involving various groups of stakeholders.

In Autum 2016 the Polar Prediction Project (PPP) Steering Group (SG) has formed several task teams in order to prioritize and coordinate operational and research activities for the forthcoming Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP). 

In line with the YOPP Consolidation Plan, the YOPP Task Teams have been reviewed and re-organized. The result is listed below. For the former Task Teams, please see the table at the bottom of this page.

YOPP Task Team on Sea Ice Prediction and Verification

Members: Gregory Smith (PPP SG, ECCC), Helge Goessling (ICO, AWI), Rick Allard (Naval Research Laboratory), Laurent Bertino (Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center), Ed Blockley (Met Office UK), Barbara Casati (PPP SG, ECCC), Robert Grumbine (PPP SG, NOAA/National Weather Service, Environmental Modeling Center), François Massonnet (UC Louvain), Till Soya Rasmussen (Danish Meteorological Institute), Ignatius Rigor (University of Washington), Axel J. Schweiger (University of Washington), Amy Solomon (CIRES, University of Colorado & ESRL/NOAA), Steffen Tietsche (ECMWF), Qinghua Yang (PPP SG, Sun Yat-sen University)

Contact: Gregory Smith (PPP SG, ECCC), Helge Goessling (ICO, AWI)

More information about this task team can be found here.

YOPP Task Team on Numerical Experimentation

Use numerical experimentation to identify the processes relevant for polar prediction and better understand the role of the current polar observing systems.

Members: Irina Sandu (PPP SG, ECMWF), Thomas Jung (PPP SG, AWI), Jørn Kristiansen (PPP SG, Met Norway), Jonathan Day (PPP SG, ECMWF), Jun Inoue (PPP SG, NIPR), Stephane Laroche (ECCC), Emmanuel Poan (ECCC), Roger Randriamampianina (Met Norway)

Contact: Irina Sandu (PPP SG, ECMWF)

More information on this Task Team can be found here.

YOPP Processes Task Team

Members: Gunilla Svensson (PPP SG, Stockholm University), Eric Bazile, Barbara Casati (PPP SG, ECCC), Jonathan Day (PPP SG, ECMWF), James Doyle (Naval Research Laboratory), Jun Inoue (PPP SG, NIPR), Steffen M. Olsen (PPP SG, DMI), Felix Pithan (AWI), Ian Renfrew (PPP SG, University of East Anglia), Matthew Shupe (CIRES, University of Colorado & ESRL/NOAA), Amy Solomon (CIRES, University of Colorado & ESRL/NOAA), Thomas Spengler (University of Bergen), Taneil Uttal (PPP SG, NOAA), Timo Vihma (FMI), Manfred Wendisch (University of Leipzig)

Contact: Gunilla Svensson (PPP SG, Stockholm University)

More information on this Task Team can be found here.

YOPP Verification Task Team

The YOPP Verification Task Team focuses on verification for modellers and for the general users. The main goal is to demonstrate the advancements associated with the YOPP modelling and observation efforts. User-oriented verification, which needs to be tailored to the very specific end-user parameters and needs, is tackled as a joint topic with PPP-SERA.

Members: Barbara Casati (PPP SG, ECCC), Thomas Haiden (ECMWF), Morten Andreas Ødegaard Køltzow (Met Norway), Gergory Smith (PPP SG, ECCC), Helge Goessling (PPP ICO, AWI), Zen Mariani (ECCC), Gunilla Svensson (PPP SG, Stockholm University), Taneil Uttal (PPP SG, NOAA), Jonathan Day (PPP SG, ECMWF), Qizhen Sun (NMEFC), 

Contact: Barbara Casati (PPP SG, ECCC)

More information on this Task Team can be found here.

YOPP Southern Hemisphere Task Team

The YOPP Southern Hemisphere Task Team foster YOPP planning and activities for the Southern Hemisphere. For more information, please also visit their website.

Members: Eric Bazile (Météo France), David Bromwich (PPP SG, Ohio State University), Scott Carpentier (Australian Bureau of Meteorology), Steve Colwell (British Antarctic Survey), Irina Gorodetskaya (University Aveiro, Portugal), Naohiko, Hirasawa (National Institute of Polar Research, Japan), Matthew Lazzara (Space Science and Engineering Center, USA), François Massonnet (UCL, Belgium), Sang-Jong Park (KOPRI, Korea), Jordan Powers (NCAR, USA), Vito Vitale (CNR-ISP, Italy), Kirstin Werner (ICO, AWI)

Contact: David Bromwich (PPP SG, Ohio State University)

More information in this Task Team can be found here.

Polar Prediction Project Societal and Economic Research Applications (PPP-SERA)

The PPP Societal and Economic Research and Applications (SERA) Task Team addresses the social-science and economics aspects of the Polar Prediction Project. Their research related to the needs for and the use of environmental information also includes decision-making processes by a diverse range of actors in polar regions and providers of environmental information. Furthermore, PPP-SERA team members and contributors intend to assess the communication between providers and users of polar weather and ice information.

Members: Jorge Carrasco (Antarctic GAIA Research Center, Universidad de Magallanes), Julia Chasco (Servicio Meteorológico Nacional de Argentina), Jackie Dawson (University of Ottawa), Anders Doksaeter Sivle (Met Norway), Victoria Heinrich (University of Tasmania), Machiel Lamers (PPP SG, Wageningen University), Daniela Liggett (PPP SG, University of Canterbury), Machiel Lamers (PPP SG, Wageningen University), Jackie Dawson (University of Ottawa), Gita Ljubicic (McMaster University), Emma Stewart (Lincoln University), Rick Thoman (National Weather Service, Alaska), Kirstin Werner (ICO, AWI), Yulia Zaika (The Faculty of Geography Lomonosov Moscow State University)

Contact: Daniela Liggett (PPP SG, University of Canterbury), Machiel Lamers (PPP SG, Wageningen University)

More information on PPP-SERA can be found here.

YOPP Data Task Team

Members: Taneil Uttal (PPP SG, NOAA), Leslie Hartten (CIRES), Øystein Godøy (Met Norway), Lara Ferrighi (Met Norway), Thomas Jung (PPP SG, AWI), Kirstin Werner (ICO, AWI), Barbara Casati (PPP SG, ECCC), Manuel Fuentes, Machiel Lamers (PPP SG, Wageningen University), Torill Hamre (NERSC), Hironori Yabuki (JAMSTEC), Siri Jodha S. Khalsa (PPP SG, NSIDC), Thomas Spengler (University of Bergen),

Contact: Taneil Uttal (PPP SG, NOAA)

More information on this task team can be found here.

YOPP Task Team on Communication, Outreach and Education

Members: Kirstin Werner (ICO, AWI), Clare Eayrs (NYU Abu Dhabi), Sara Pasqualetto (ICO, AWI), Katharina Kirchhoff (ICO, AWI), Rick Thoman (University of Alaska Fairbanks) 

Contact: Kirstin Werner (ICO, AWI)

More information on this Task Team can be found here.

YOPP Evaluation Task Team

Members: Nanette Lomarda (WMO), Kirstin Werner (ICO, AWI), Thomas Jung (PPP SG, AWI), Jeffrey Wilson (WMO), Paolo Ruti (WMO), PPP-SERA representative, Stakeholder representative

Contact: Nanette Lomarda (WMO)

More information on this Task Team can be found here.

YOPP Final Summit Task Team

Members: Thomas Jung (PPP SG, AWI), Kirstin Werner (ICO, AWI), Gregory Smith (PPP SG, ECCC), Barbara Casati (PPP SG, ECCC), Paolo Ruti (WMO), Nanette Lomarda (WMO), Irina Sandu (PPP SG, ECMWF)

Contact: Thomas Jung (PPP SG, AWI)

More information on this Task Team can be found here.

Former Task Teams

Task Team


Key deliverables



Airborne platforms

Coordinate airborne platforms during YOPP

Concept for YOPP airborne platforms

Manfred Wendisch (AC3; m.wendisch@uni-leipzig.de)

New Processes Task Team will include use of airborne data and coordinate with MOSAiC on airborne operations during SOP-3 NH.


Develop a strong buoy component to be in place in particular for the SOPs (Arctic: Feb/Mar 2018 and Jul/Aug/Sep 2018; Antarctic: 16Nov2018–15Feb2019)

YOPP buoy plan

Don Perovich (PPP SG; Donald.K.Perovich@erdc.dren.mil), Helge Goessling (ICO, helge.goessling@awi.de)

Actions to be coordinated with the IABP


Enhance education component during YOPP

2nd PPP Summer School

Jonathan Day (PPP SG; jonathan.day@ecmwf.int)

Included in the new Communication, Outreach and Education Task Team.


Ensure strong engagement of the satellite community

Establish a list of user requirements and iterate with PSTG, PSTG will provide links to relevant data products, PSTG will consider providing dedicated data sets not available yet

Peter Bauer (PPP SG; peter.bauer@ecmwf.int)

Satellite experts will be addressed by all new Task Teams.

Special Observing Periods

Plan Special Observing Periods during YOPP, engage relevant agencies

Letters to WMO Permanent Representatives, letters to relevant institutions, letter to EUMETNET

Paolo Ruti (WMO; pruti@wmo.int)

Will be included in the Processes Task Team.

YOPP Communication



Kirstin Werner(ICO, kirstin.werner@awi.de)

Included in the new Communication, Outreach and Education Task Team.


YOPP Modelling

Coordinate modelling activities among "operational centres". Modelling activities that cover the whole YOPP Core Phase, Experiments that provide guidance for the development of the observing system

Contribution to YOPP Modelling Plan, Input to YOPP Timeline Chart

Richard Swinbank (ICO; richard.swinbank@me.com)


Thomas Jung (PPP Chair), Peter Bauer (PPP SG), David Bromwich (PPP SG), Matthieu Chevallier (PPP SG), Greg Smith (PPP SG), Gunilla Svensson (PPP SG)


YOPP Data Portal

Develop a YOPP data concept

Development of a YOPP Data Portal, overview of user requirements, interoperability guidelines, operations manual

Thomas Jung (PPP Chair, Thomas.Jung@awi.de), Øystein Godøy (Met Norway, oystein.godoy@met.no), Siri Jodha Khalsa (NSIDC, sjsk@nsidc.org)


Richard Swinbank (ICO), Kirstin Werner (ICO), Barbara Casati (PPP SG), Manuel Fuentes (ECMWF), Machiel Lamers (PPP-SERA), Torill Hamre (INTAROS/NERSC), Hironori Yabuki (NIPR)